Blondie the DJ: Brand Strategy and Phase 1 Implementation

Task 1: Naming

Drop the DJ?

To allow for future brand activities the reference to ‘DJ’ in the current brand name should be removed. This will allow for frictionless expansion into non-music sectors. Think brand collaborations, in-house product development, songwriting, etc.

Just Blondie?

Once ‘the DJ’ is removed we are left with ‘Blondie’ — a formidable brand name that unfortunately already has a significant presence in music (and pop culture more generally). Considering ‘Blondie’ as brand name therefore is not an option.

Rock the boat?

We believe that maintaining a logical link to the past is recommended. Not only does using the words ‘Blonde’ or ‘Blondie’ provide a connection with what has gone before, but it makes good sense from a brand equity point of view.

Please note:

At this stage we are focusing 100% on ‘naming’. The visual treatments below are being used only to provide context or how the names ‘may‘ look in the wild. How the new brand will actally ‘look‘ will be considered once a name has been selected.

Preliminary domain name searches have been completed. Both .com and domains are available for Options 1 & 3 and the domain is available for Option 2.