Love over fear.

Real over cool.

Light over darkness.

Blondie Lee brings people together.

Combining her years of experience with the transformative power of music, Blondie Lee offers a different point of view.

She stands alone as one of Australia’s most unique DJ’s.

Who is Blondie Lee?

When people said it was too hard for her to learn to be a DJ, Blondie was undeterred.

Working 6 days a week and saving relentlessly, she pulled together the resources to purchase her own set up. In what little spare time she had, Blondie Lee dedicated herself to learning.

Over ten years have since passed, and Blondie Lee has become a master of her craft – from honing her skills in the privacy of her bedroom to now playing in Australia’s premier venues, festivals and events. On her way up, Blondie Lee gained clarity into how the tight knit DJ industry had been constricting her self-expression.

She had to make a change.

By focusing on the transformative power of music, Blondie Lee learned to express her love for herself and others. Blondie Lee exudes a fun and charismatic energy that captivates everyone she meets.

Today, Blondie Lee provides classic House music whilst bringing an authentic, heart-centred, spirit-lifting experience to any room, crowd, or occasion.

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